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Australia’s age care market is complex and competitive.

Customers are deciding between numerous options in terms of residential accommodation and care services and the decision represents a significant investment in their lifetime.

At Edmonds Marketing, the organisations we work with are having to meet the needs of a rapidly changing industry. They are having to operate in a consumer-directed care environment and think strategically about communicating what they offer.

“The organisations who are most effective take the time to understand their customers’ needs and use that information to establish a brand with a clear and compelling point of difference.” Damien Edmonds, General Manager, Edmonds Marketing.

Age care marketing

The following links reflect our age care marketing work with a range of different organisations including:

Edmonds Marketing offers several relevant services for you:

Understanding what your consumers need and want

Effective market and brand research drives strategic aged care marketing by finding out what your consumers need and want – so that you can best deliver it.

Edmonds Marketing brings decades of experience in market research to your organisation. We design a research plan, tailored to your service offering, that draws on the following toolbox of research methods:

  • BrandScan™ – a quantitative online survey designed to reveal customer perceptions of a company or brand
  • Internal review – structured, face-to-face interviews with key internal stakeholders- from the CEO to senior leaders and managers
  • Customer research – Focus groups and surveys as well as mystery shopper exercises
  • Market analysis using qualitative and quantitative research.

Translating insights into Strategy

A key part of what Edmonds Marketing does for clients is to translate research insights into marketing strategy that clarifies the role and benefits of the organisation in the market.

We create statements and messaging that capture an organisation’s value to its customers, a new visual brand identity and a range of communications collateral, often including a new website, leaflets, brochures, signs and stationary. Consistent visual identity acts as a bridge connecting your organisation’s services to make selling them easier, faster and cheaper.

We then produce a detailed aged care marketing plan that will bring the overall strategy to life and keep activities targeted to help you measure success.

Customer Focused Workshops

Edmonds Marketing offers a variety of professionally facilitated, training workshops and exercises. Tailored to your business, our learning and development workshops encourage new thinking around modern customer demands.

Successful Internal Engagement

In a service business it is your people who deliver the brand promise to customers and so your workforce is the living embodiment of your brand in action. Any serious branding initiative must therefore engage employees as a priority.

We work with clients to build and communicate their brands internally. We develop and deliver programs to ensure employees completely understand the brand. Ideally, employees will understand what the brand stands for, will be inspired by a sense of purpose and will able to deliver the brand promise through every facet of the business.

Customer Sales Management

For families considering aged care options, their experience surrounding this major life decision can often be stressful and confusing. A positive first impression of your service and a smoothly managed process are of vital importance to provide families with confidence.

Edmonds Marketing helps clients to develop a consistent and professional process for all sales enquiries, from initial contact to admission.

Our services include mystery shop exercises and ‘lost customer’ research – both of which help clients develop and enhance their competitive sales offering.

Expertise around New Building Development Consultation

Within our team at Edmonds Marketing we have significant experience of the communications processes that support new building or estate development. We are able to offer clients our expertise to help research and plan for physical development, advising on the planning process, community consultation and associated marketing and public relations.

We can also test proposals for new residential facilities or new services with market research, helping CEOs to expand their organisation’s offer in a relevant way.

Media Relations, Promotion and Issues Management  

Effective media relations and advertising remain a powerful way to communicate what differentiates your aged care organisation or service.  Edmonds Marketing works with clients to give them a voice in the media that their communities read, watch or listen to, promoting thoughtful articles that will make their brands memorable and relevant.

We also remain alert to any criticism in the media that might damage your brands and are astute at developing materials and processes that would safeguard them in the event of industry-related or brand-specific complaints.

For more information about the impact of our age care marketing work OR to book in for a complimentary 90 minute brand analysis, call or email Damien Edmonds (M: 0447 147 788, damien@edmondsmarketing.com.au).

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