by Damien Edmonds

Today Australians are more culturally diverse and educated than ever before.

Last year statistics showed that forty nine percent of Australians had either been born overseas or had a parent born overseas and that over past decade Australia has had a 10% increase in people aged 25-34 completing a bachelor degree or higher. (Source: Universities Australia, 2017 Data Snapshot, slide 21. Increase from 27% in 2004 to 37% in 2014).

Since 2008 we have also been living in a Transparent Age where communications and main stream media are developed around a FEEDBACK loop.



This customer revolution is putting big decisions back into people’s hands. Last week, for instance, the Australian public voted in large numbers in favour of the gay community having the legal right to marry. A resounding cheer went up around the country – and in our office – when the country voted YES.

These trends are changing the way companies and organisations manage their communications, driving a collaborative rather an autocratic approach. Companies are treating staff and customers like adults rather than pretending to have all the answers. Leaders are taking the time to reflect on their organisation’s mission and values and letting those important choices guide culture and decision making. They are identifying their point of difference in collaboration with stakeholders, staff and customers, which is inspiring customer loyalty and increasing staff engagement, raising productivity.

Australia’s spending habits

Australia’s cultural changes are also involved in a shift towards a more service-focused economy. Our spending on services is up 50% from 30 years ago and today we spend approximately 65% of our household budgets on services.  The opportunity is there for service-focused companies to grow if they can communicate their mission and values and bring customers or stakeholders along on the journey.

Edmonds Marketing is well-positioned to help you adapt your organisation’s communications and make it as collaborative as possible. We know how help you identify a resonant point of difference and lead you into the future.

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