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Facilitated Workshops

We offer a variety of marketing, strategic planning and team facilitated workshops.

We firmly believe in the power of collaborative team thinking. Our facilitated workshops are designed to challenge team members in a fun and highly engaging environment.

We believe a collaborative workshop approach delivers better plans by maximising team insights and engendering engagement, rather than us developing a plan in isolation from the outside.

Our workshops are carefully planned and expertly facilitated to generate insights that support business clarity and growth. Over many years, we have developed a series of techniques to enable workshops participants to test and challenge each other and determine key strategies and priorities.

Marketing Workshops

We offer the following workshops:

In addition to providing customised strategic planning workshops, we also provide the following ‘ready to go’ marketing workshops:

  • Communication workshops – workplace conversations, communication styles, message maps, purpose and values, strategic alignment
  • Developing Team Fitness workshops
  • Marketing workshops including; Social media strategy, Content marketing and Customer personas.
  • Resolving team-challenges workshops
  • Sales-team development workshops
  • Strategy Kickstart workshops

Team Facilitated Workshops

Effective teamwork is hard. The pressures of day-to-day business mean team challenges are often brushed aside in the hope they will disappear, which they rarely do. In order to get everyone in sync, managers need to work out how they can get their people to do their part and take action as a team to deliver on implementation.

Here at Edmonds Marketing, our team facilitated workshops are specifically designed to guide and support teams through a clear process of steps to a desired outcome in a supportive environment. Our workshops can help break down barriers, improve collaboration and build commitment with a focus on team building, team engagement and team direction.

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