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Professional Facilitation 

Edmonds Marketing offers specialist workshop and professional facilitation services. We enable teams to work through challenging issues enhancing collaboration to release your team’s full potential.


Effective teamwork is hard. The pressures of day to day business means team challenges are often brushed aside in the hope they will disappear – but they rarely do.

Entrenched behaviours exist within most organisations. Perceived divisions decrease open communication, team commitment, innovation and performance. When individuals with different personalities, backgrounds and baggage come together, it creates a natural friction and potential for conflict.

Also, team goals may not be clear or well communicated, so it’s no surprise when they are not bought into by the team.

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Introducing Professional Facilitation

A facilitated session is a structured meeting in which a facilitator guides participants through a series of predefined steps to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants.

Professional facilitation is beneficial when:

  • Defining strategy
  • Solving organisational problems
  • Generating ideas

Release Your Team’s Potential – Professional Facilitation Support

Our facilitation services aim to enable teams to work better together. As professional facilitation experts, we utilise a proven and structured process to deliver a better result – one that is created and understood by the team. Using our toolkit of participatory exercises, we foster creativity, motivation and shared commitment to team objectives.

At the heart of what we do is our customer centric approach. We help teams to orientate around their customers, generating insights that support organisational clarity and growth – aligning organisational promises with customer expectations.

By fostering close relationships between teams, we strive to improve team spirit, collaboration and effectiveness. With our unique personal style, we are skilled at reading the room. We empower a group to be more effective and focussed with an emphasis on open communication and trust. We shake things up, encourage new perspectives and inject energy to the group.

By bringing your team together around creative problem-solving, we strengthen connections, break down silos and develop shared areas of agreement with a reframed purpose.

And being external, we bring a neutral and pragmatic approach that helps to break through barriers that are causing issues and friction. We carefully guide the process, assisting the group to discuss, progress and take action on challenging issues.

Edmonds Marketing’s specialist workshop and facilitation services have been specifically designed to support and guide teams through a clear process of steps, towards a desired outcome in a supportive environment.

1. Team Building Workshop

Using the Extended DISC® Profile as a key tool to understand the behavioural styles of the team, this workshop enables teams to relate better to each other. By transforming working relationships, team cohesion and performance are improved.
For more, see Team Building Workshop.

2. Team Planning Workshop

This team planning workshop allows all team members to contribute to create a clear and concise strategy.

The session not only sets the course, it also aligns the team.

3. Customised Facilitated Workshops

Key areas include:

  • Communications
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Team Development
  • Idea Generation.

We work with you to understand your focus and challenges, then design a unique process to guide your team, encourage collaboration, build consensus, and progress action.

Find out how facilitation can help your business – contact Damien | 0447 147 788 | damien@edmondsmarketing.com.au

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