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Healthcare services in Australia have changed dramatically over the last 20 years. In today’s noisy and cluttered sector, many medical practices now market their services to attract customers and remain competitive.

If the purpose of your healthcare practice is to attract and serve patients – and remain a sustainable and evolving business — then health practice marketing should be an integral part of your business management.

Medical professionals today face increased competition — and with it, an increasing number of healthcare marketing challenges. In fact, the more options your patients have, the more marketing and reputation-building can make a difference for your practice.

Here are some of the challenges health practice marketing can address:

  • Consumers are now more discerning — they want to be informed, to be listened to, and to feel confident in the track record of their healthcare providers.
  • Medical professionals pay more than ever for their practices, staff, medical products, and utilities – and need to pass on those increased costs.
  • Household budgets are tighter, squeezed by weak real income growth per capita.
  • Consumers, especially younger people, are exiting the private health system, where annual premiums rise faster than wages.
  • The Medicare rebate freeze means Medicare schedule fees are remaining fairly static.

Establish and grow your health practice through 3Ms

There are three steps to consider when marketing your health practice:

1. Market research

Consider why customers may use your services over that of your competition.

2. Brand messaging

Clarify customers’ motivations to help prepare your key messages. Key messages inform and educate customers and referrers about your practice and its services. They also provide a consistent voice to establish and reinforce your service offering, values and differential points.

3. Media

Use both offline and online touchpoints to engage your customers. These might include your front-of-house service, website, e­newsletters, direct mail, brochures, information sheets, videos, social media, and so on.

Our clients

Visit some of our clients’ websites (below) for examples of our work marketing for health practices and healthcare services:

Our services

Edmonds Marketing provides a suite of health practice marketing services for clients. We help specialist health practices set up, grow and reposition their services by increasing awareness of offering, and driving patient and word-of­-mouth referrals among key stakeholder groups.

We tailor the following medical practice services to your marketing needs:

  • Communications audit
    We review marketing communications activities and assets to assess how well they are helping your practice achieve its goals.
  • Brand strategy
    We determine competitive brand attributes to develop your brand strategy. This strategy will successfully strengthen your brand’s positioning and provide a robust platform for ongoing communications activities that cut through a noisy marketplace.
  • Brand identity development and logo design
    We develop consistent, eye-catching, quality logos and brand design materials to increase brand awareness and develop a strong visual identity across all your customer touchpoints.
  • Key message development
    We identify key messages to clearly communicate and position your specialty offering and engage the attention of prospective customers and referrers.
  • Website development
    We develop high quality, engaging websites, incorporating up-to-date features with accessible and responsive designs.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
We identify keywords and integrate these into website design, ensuring its optimisation for Google searches.

  • Photography
    We oversee professional photo shoots to source essential, quality images of your people. This personalises your marketing activities and supports development of your website and other marketing materials.
  • Social media management
    We develop and maintain an on-brand social media presence online to support quality customer relations and education.
  • Collateral development
    We produce professionally finished brochures and other marketing collateral.
  • Campaign activity
    We undertake marketing communications activities that increase your practice’s profile and grow engagement with target customer, referring and stakeholder groups.
  • Review and evaluate
    We develop a process to effectively evaluate marketing performance on an ongoing basis.

For more:

Find out how health practice marketing can help your business – contact Damien on damien@edmondsmarketing.com.au.

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