By Sophy Edmonds.

Your brand positioning denotes your company’s value. While your products and services have a lifecycle, your brand does not. So much more than a logo, a strong brand is the ongoing image or idea that makes you recognisable, memorable, unique and compelling. A well-developed brand delivers a captivating message that resonates with its audience on an emotional level.

Creating a strong brand – how do you achieve it? 

  1. In order to create a strong brand, it is important to understand the essential benefits of your business to your customers. It is about defining how you will differentiate your service and how you will provide value to your chosen market.
  2. Marketing research is important to understand your customer needs as well as how your company is perceived by customers and team members.
  3. Develop a strong vision statement of what you want your organisation to achieve over time as this provides guidance and inspiration and a clear strategic focus.
  4. If a brand is to succeed in following its vision, its staff need to understand and engage with what it stands for. A clearly defined set of values play an important role in setting out what an organisation stands for and provides guidance for ongoing behaviour and performance management.

In this way, you can build a brand which enables team members to deliver on promises consistently, and produce a service that strengthens your reputation.

How does business strategy link to branding?

The essence of a brand very much leads its overall business strategy. Understanding your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, vis a vis your competition, informs service planning and development.

The right culture, vision and values will enable a company to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Unpacking and articulating the required vision and values takes effort and skill and forms the basis of brand communications.

Many of the organisations we work with know what they stand for. But they need objective, independent, guidance to extrapolate and articulate their brand in a clear and coherent way.

How does branding come alive? 

Effective communications brings your brand to life.

  1. When you have defined your brand positioning, your key benefit and points of difference, you can develop a clear narrative with meaningful stories that engage with your target customers and reflect who you are, how you’re different and why you matter.
  2. Visual identity including a singular brand look and feel is important. When your branding is clear and inviting to your market, it is a powerful tool that drives engagement with the services you offer.
  3. Your brand communications activities are likely to be broad and far-reaching but the messages they seek to deliver should remain consistent and focused ensuring an integrated and coherent approach.

How does effective branding help organisations to reach goals and unify team members?

Many assume that branding’s primary purpose is to persuade customers to buy, but it serves an equally important function: to allow team members to believe in the work that they do. Ultimately, an engaged team is your most valuable asset in delivering on your brand promise.

Engaging your team in your brand is paramount. Branding unifies those within your organisation, giving them a common goal and purpose. The brand should stir up emotions and associations for them, energising them to present the company in the way customers have come to expect.

If your branding is working, team members clearly understand what is expected of them and become your brand’s greatest advocates.

As a strategic marketing and communications consultancy, the team at Edmonds Marketing understands how to define and develop effective brand communications. What you do, what you say, how you act and how your deliver services all impact on how you are perceived. 

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