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The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Many organisations invest time in delivering promotional activities without developing a clear and coherent plan. The result: a reactive focus, with resources not allocated appropriately and missed opportunities.

In an increasingly competitive market environment, it’s important you ensure your promotions are providing a return on investment and working together as part of an interconnected process for maximum impact.

What is it? Service Overview

The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan defines an organisation’s promotional focus over a 12-month period. It leverages the multiple components so they work smarter together to achieve business outcomes.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan serves to:

  • generate a clear, well developed view of what’s required to deliver the promotional plan over the next 12 months
  • harness insights, identify opportunities and gain agreement around priority activities and desired outcomes
  • strengthen teamwork by developing a shared resource and understanding of the different elements
  • define available resources to support implementation of the plan and respective roles and responsibilities
  • create greater synergies and efficiencies in delivering the plan.

Who is it for? Target Audience

The Integrated Marketing Communications Plan is designed for small to medium organisations who are seeking to lift their communications game, increase sales, launch new product or service offerings or create greater marketing accountability.

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