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Marketing Workshops

We offer a variety of marketing and strategic planning workshops.

We firmly believe in the power of collaborative team thinking. Our facilitated workshops are designed to challenge team members in a fun and highly engaging environment.

We believe a collaborative workshop approach delivers better plans by maximising team insights and engendering engagement, rather than us developing a plan in isolation from the outside.

Our workshops are carefully planned and expertly facilitated to generate insights that support business clarity and growth. Over many years, we have developed a series of techniques to enable workshops participants to test and challenge each other and determine key strategies and priorities.

Marketing Workshops

We offer the following workshops:

In addition to providing customised strategic planning workshops, we also provide the following ‘ready to go’ marketing workshops:

  • ‘Marketing minds’ workshop
  • Vision and values workshop
  • Brand positioning workshop
  • Social media strategy workshop
  • Content marketing workshop
  • Customer journey planning workshop
  • Customer persona workshop.
Marketing Workshops

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  • Find out how marketing workshops can help your business – contact Damien on damien@edmondsmarketing.com.au.

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