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Five good reasons to outsource your marketing to Edmonds Marketing.

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Reason 1.

We’re a team of readily available and highly experienced consultants with indepth understanding of small business marketing. Our up to date marketing knowledge is backed by many years of experience and current knowledge of latest trends. All our team has over 15 years + experience.

Reason 2.

We’re small and nimble and don’t have the hefty overheads that are common in other marketing agencies. We call on the skills of trusted, experienced contractors to deliver the full range of small business marketing and creative services and customize our services to meet your needs. This includes marketing and brand strategy, creative design and production, and communications delivery.

Reason 3.

We’re accountable and responsible. You can dial up or down our services. You can choose to work with us on a project by project basis or on an ongoing basis. We partner with your management and marketing team to ensure your small business marketing achieves real business results.

Reason 4.

As fellow small business owners with experience of working with many business owners and leaders, we intuitively understand the challenges you face.

And Reason 5.

We are marketing agnostic and don’t prescribe a particular course based on a limited view of marketing. We advise our clients to make informed marketing decisions, without inherent bias for or against any one kind of marketing activity – whether it’s social media, google adwords or … We don’t prescribe to one view of marketing. Whether it’s pay per click, social media, pricing strategy or brand strategy, we can help you put all the pieces together or explain what piece is missing.

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