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Strategy Kickstart Workshop

Businesses are often unclear about how to direct their marketing efforts and the best way to reach their goals. They lack the requisite marketing support to make an informed decision and advice on those areas of marketing for greatest impact.

What is it? Service Overview

The Strategy Kickstart Workshop assists businesses to review their marketing goals and activities and gain greater understanding of those areas of marketing that it needs to focus on in order to increase sales.

The Workshop serves to

  • share marketing insights and knowledge
  • identify what’s working well, what’s not working so well
  • develop greater clarity around priority marketing activities and desired outcomes
  • strengthen teamwork by developing understanding of the different elements required to deliver success.

The process consists of a two-hour workshop with an experienced marketing specialist which can be conducted online or in your workplace with exercises tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Following the workshop, Edmonds Marketing presents a written debrief with recommendations. As examples, this may include target customer profiles, customer journey outlines or suggested promotional activities.

Who is it for? Target Audience

The Strategy Kickstart Workshop is designed for small to medium sized business leaders and their teams who wish to get smarter with their marketing and are seeking experienced marketing specialists.


Package starts from $1,950.

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