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Team Facilitated Workshops

Effective teamwork is hard.

The pressures of day to day business mean team challenges are often brushed aside in the hope they will disappear, which they rarely do.

In order to get everyone in sync, managers need to work out how they can get their people to do their part and take action as a team to deliver on implementation.

Service Overview

These two NEW workshops have been designed with different outcomes in mind:

  1. ‘Developing Team Fitness’: Focuses on goals and performance.
    For Senior Executives, Team Managers and Project Directors who are addressing some form of change and seeking effective collaboration.
  2. ‘Resolving Team Challenges’: Addresses problems and reset.
    For Team Leaders and Senior Executives seeking to better align their teams, develop happier teams and achieve better outcomes and progress towards their goals.

These workshops guide and support teams through a clear process of steps to a desired team outcome in a supportive environment.

Features and Benefits

The team facilitated workshops can help break down barriers, improve collaboration and build commitment with a focus on:

  • Team building – improving effectiveness and collaboration by deepening understanding and communication
  • Team engagement – enhancing team alignment, determining how members can contribute for the benefit of all
  • Team direction – clarifying team direction with goals, creating collaboration principles and charters.

Specialist and external facilitation support

Specialist and external facilitation support is beneficial for managers who:

  • Need to participate alongside their team members on an equal playing field so the team feels they can contribute more fully
  • Know what they want from their team but don’t know the most effective way to get buy-in to drive implementation
  • Lack the expertise to effectively manage a large conversation with many themes
  • Need to draw out insights from their team and some of the questions are sensitive
  • Are unsure of the right questions to ask to get to the required information
  • Need to build rapport, strengthen team relationships and trust quickly from the outset
  • Recognise their team are holding on to information due to reservations about what might happen next
  • Aren’t trained on how to recognise body language and non-verbal cues.

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Team Facilitated Workshop
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