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Clarity is a hugely underrated element of developing a successful brand.

Clarity in what you do, what you stand for and precisely who you want to attract will ensure your brand communications are persuasive, compelling and confident.

A clear and consistent brand narrative underpins powerful content marketing. Without this, your marketing risks being piecemeal, delivering a weak call to action that doesn’t resonate with your target customer.

A common request from new clients is, “How can we develop our marketing communications strategy so that all our branding works seamlessly to increase sales qualified lead generation? We need a broad plan to follow with a clear understanding and view of what is required.”

As a marketing consultancy, we appreciate fully the value of a good marketing planning exercise. We consistently see this process work well for clients.

When you employ a structured process that gets to the heart of your brand narrative, you’re empowered with a clear plan of action—and you understand your customer.

In a competitive environment, strategic and consistent messaging will cut through and provide you with confidence and clarity around your script and distribution methods. Without this, your brand image can appear disjointed, with unfocused promotional activities and weak communications.

In developing a clear content marketing plan, you need to understand:

  1. Who your key customers are
  2. What their customer journey looks like
  3. What their core needs and wants are
  4. How these elements intersect with what your organisation offers customers.

This final point is key: it defines what sets your brand apart. What are its core point of difference that meet your customers’ greatest needs.

By analysing and defining key customer segments, you can develop a very clear picture of your ideal client based on age, career stage, lifestyle and professional demands. By understanding their journey with your organisation, you can identify what content should reach them when and in what manner.

Content marketing case study focus

Tracking campaign coverage for one client, our content marketing campaign succeeded in increasing:

      • Overall new business leads by 39%
      • New business leads via the website by 90%
      • Website visits by over 280%.

We started by developing consistent communications based on a strategically constructed positioning statement. This statement reflected the company’s brand essence, including its industry understanding and service approach. From here, we developed a tagline that encapsulated the client’s value proposition and redesigned the logo so it appeared more dynamic.

We redeveloped key marketing materials, clearly setting out the client’s point of difference and key messages. We undertook a photoshoot, revamped the website, defined SEO terms, developed new brochures, presentation materials, social media profile updates, and event collateral.

Backed with consistent and clear branding, we embarked on a focused content marketing campaign. Its success was based on a coherent, consistent and credible narrative, structured using a content calendar with identified themes and topics.

Content marketing activities included regular blogs, boosting SEO and engagement across online and offline platforms, EDMs and the optimisation of infographics, videos, webinars and white papers.

Because we had taken the time to dissect their key customer profiles and journeyincluding the point at which their customer needs were greatest—we were able to pinpoint issues and address concerns, providing relevant solutions that resonated and engaged.

We met up on a regular basis to ensure activity was delivered and coordinated in a consistent manner. At these meetings, we looked closely at the relationship between digital data and lead generation progress.

At Edmonds Marketing, we offer a tiered, flexible menu of content marketing packages, including workshops to develop brand clarity and content marketing plans. For more information on how our marketing consultancy can help, please contact Sophy on sophy@edmondsmarketing.com.au or call on 07 3175 9905.

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